Prenuptial Agreements

Nothing in life is certain, and if you’re planning a wedding or civil partnership, it’s sensible to prepare for every eventuality.

Our experienced family law team specialises in the creation of prenuptial agreements, designed to help protect your assets and ensure that you are treated fairly in the event that your marriage or civil partnership ends.

Designed to set out clear guidelines about what should happen to assets, wealth and rights to children in the event of divorce, a prenuptial agreement can help to minimise conflict and prevent costly legal battles if things break down.

Working closely with you and your partner’s legal team, we’ll tailor a comprehensive prenuptial agreement that fits your personal circumstances, covering:

  • The sale and distribution of property and other assets
  • The payment of bills, mortgages and rent
  • The distribution and repayment of debts
  • The separation and distribution of finances
  • Maintenance payments
  • Arrangements for children

As part of the service, you will also benefit from clear, honest advice and support, so you can make the right decisions on the best way forward.

Prenuptial Agreements in law

It’s important to remember that prenuptial agreements are not legally binding in the UK, and in the event of a divorce, it may not be enforced by a court on divorce. However, judges are placing more and more weight to them as time goes on.

At Graham & Rosen, our experienced prenuptial agreement solicitors will provide you with full guidance on your rights, and advice designed to ensure that your prenuptial agreement is taken into account should the worst happen.

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