Civil Partnership Dissolution

The ending of a Civil Partnership can be challenging, stressful and emotionally fraught

For same sex couples, the ending of a Civil Partnership can be challenging, stressful and emotionally fraught. With Graham & Rosen at your side, you’ll get the support and advice needed to make the right decisions, so that you can achieve the best possible outcome in the event your relationship breaks down.

Our friendly family law team have extensive experience in supporting clients during the dissolution of civil partnerships, and will stand by you at every step of the way.

Whether you are making the application for dissolution or answering it, we will provide you with personalised, honest advice on the best way forward, and support you throughout the process until the final dissolution.

Legal Alternatives to Dissolution

Ending a civil partnership works in a similar way to a divorce – it’s permanent and final, and there are legal rules surrounding when you can seek a civil partnership dissolution.

If you’re not ready for dissolution, or want to explore other options, our expert, friendly team can also advise you on the legal alternatives, including mediation, and the creation of a separation agreement.

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