Powers of Attorney

Giving the people you trust the powers they need to act on your behalf

How would your financial and personal affairs be affected in the event that you weren’t able to manage them due to mental incapacity?

It’s an uncomfortable proposition, but accidents, serious injuries and illnesses can strike at any time. Having a power of attorney agreement in place will help to ensure that someone you trust has the power to act on your behalf should the worst happen.

Losing capacity without a power of attorney agreement

If you lose mental capacity without a power of attorney agreement in place, then your spouse, family members and trusted loved ones may not be in a position to make important decisions on your behalf.

They will need to apply to the Court of Protection for the powers to manage your finances and personal affairs. This is a lengthy and stressful process, with the potential to cause division and conflict in your family. In the meantime, your personal life, family wealth and finances may be impacted significantly.

With the right power of attorney agreement in place, you can ensure that your affairs will be in the hands of people you trust to manage them effectively on your behalf, from the moment you lose capacity.

Power of Attorney services from Graham & Rosen

Our friendly, professional team have extensive experience in the creation of a full range of power of attorney agreements, including:

  • Lasting Power of Attorneys
  • Health & Welfare Lasting Power of Attorneys
  • Property & Affairs Lasting Power of Attorneys
  • Registration of Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Advice on Deputyship applications
  • General Power of Attorneys

Creating clear, legally binding instructions setting out who you want to act on your behalf, we’ll help to create a framework to ensure that your chosen loved ones have the powers needed to manage your affairs in accordance with your wishes.

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