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New Employment Laws

New Employment Laws

Parliament has recently passed two new employment laws; the Flexible Working Act 2023 and the Carer's Leave Act 2023.

The Flexible Working Act will enable employees to make formal requests for flexible working on the first day of their employment.  Currently, an employee can only request flexible working after 26 weeks service with the same employer.  It is expected that these changes will come into force in July 2024.

The Carer's Leave Act 2023 will apply to employees who have a dependent who requires long-term care.  These employees will have a statutory right to one week's unpaid care leave each year.  The policy behind the Act is to give support to carers, particularly regarding their mental health needs.  It is expected that these rights will come into effect later this year but no date has currently been fixed.

Currently, employers need to be aware of these new laws and to amend their  policies and procedures to enable them to deal properly with any requests for flexible working or for carer's leave.

Written By: Alexander Green

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