Probate Price Information


How much will my Will, Power of Attorney or Probate cost?

We charge for Wills and Powers of Attorney on a fixed fee basis with no hidden charges. 

A straightforward single Will 


Will            £200 + VAT at 20%

AML/ID      £  25 + VAT at 20%

A straightforward Will for a couple


Will            £250 + VAT at 20%

AML/ID      £  25 + VAT at 20%

Preparing a Power of Attorney for Property & Financial Affairs

OR Health & Welfare, for a single person (unregistered)


POA          £400 + VAT at 20%

AML/ID      £25 + VAT at 20%

Preparing a Power of Attorney for Property & Financial Affairs

OR Health & Welfare for a single person (registered)


POA         £600 + VAT at 20%

AML/ID     £  25 + VAT at 20%

Court        £82

Home Visit (each)



£50 + VAT


All other Wills are charged on an hourly basis


£215 per hour

How much will my Probate cost?

We can either obtain the Probate for you and let you deal with the administration of the estate or we can do the whole thing for you.  To obtain the Grant of Probate our costs start from £1,205.

This is broken down as follows:

  • Probate application                                                                    £850 + VAT at 20%
  • Anti Money Laundering & Client Identification Charge              £  25 + VAT at 20%
  • Court Fee                                                                                   £155

If you would like us to administer the estate for you, we charge an hourly rate for the time this takes.  We will account to you for the time and can provide you with a full breakdown on request.  Our hourly rate varies between members of staff but will never be more than £215 per hour.

Alternatively we can charge a percentage of the estate as follows:

  • upto £100,000                                                                            3% of the gross estate value
  • from £100,001 to £300,000                                                        2% of the gross estate value
  • from £300,001 to £500,000                                                        1.5% of the gross estate value
  • £500,001 +                                                                                 1% of the gross estate value


A Deputyship needs to be obtained when a person does not have a Lasting Power of Attorney and loses mental capacity.  We will apply to the Court on your behalf for a Deputyship Order.  The legal fees for this service are usually around £3,000 plus VAT at 20% if there are no objections and Court fees.  The Court fees vary and certain people can be exempt from the Court charges.


There are many reasons why people set up Trusts; the reasons for the Trust play a large part of determining the cost.  The legal fee for placing a house into Trust is £1,500 + VAT at 20%.  There are also Land Registry fees which are on a sliding scale and vary depending on the value of the property.

How long should it take?

This is determined by many factors but usually a Will or Power of Attorney can be completed in around 3 weeks.

Once we have all the information from you, a Probate can usually be obtained in around 4-6 weeks.

Administering an Estate can take between 6 months and a year depending on whether there is property in the estate and/or there is Inheritance Tax to pay.

What do we do?

For our upfront fee we will (depending on the work you have asked us to do):

  •        meet with you and take instructions on your Will, Power of Attorney or Probate
  •        gather in all the necessary documents and information from you
  •        prepare the Will, Power of Attorney or Grant of Probate
  •        advise you on the detail of the documents and the next steps
  •        complete the documents and apply to the Court where necessary
  •        store your original Will and Power of Attorney
  •        administer the estate where you have asked us to do so

Are There Any Additional Charges?

There may be, as not everything is usual or straightforward. The most common extra charges (including VAT) are for unexpected issues such as Inheritance Tax, Care Fee mitigation and the Variation of an Estate.  EExample common extras include:

  •        Wills with extensive legacies                                       £180
  •        Inheritance Tax advice                                                £300
  •        Dealing with taxable estates or nil rate band claims   £900

If additional work is required and this will incur further costs, we will discuss with you why it is necessary and what options may be open to you before agreeing a fee for that work or carrying out the additional work.

Who will do my work?

Your work will be carried out by one of our team. Usually the person who provides you with your personalised quote.

They will be your main point of contact and are there for you throughout the transaction.

Our legal advisors include qualified Solicitors, Chartered Legal Executives and Trainee Legal Executives. Our website will tell you more about our individual legal advisors.