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On this Day in History - 10th March

1801    The first British Census. A census has been taken every ten years since 1801 with the exception of 1941 which was cancelled because of World War II.

1824    Leland Stanford born - American politician, railroad builder, philanthropist, president of the Central Pacific Railroad (1863-93), president of the Southern Pacific Railroad (1885-90), and founder of Stanford University (1885).

1831    The French Foreign Legion is established.

1886   Cruft's Dog Show was held in London for the first time. Previously it had been held in Newcastle. The organizer was Charles Cruft, general manager of a dog biscuit firm

1890    Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov - Soviet Communist leader, Soviet foreign minister (1939-49, 1953-56), and for whom the Molotov cocktail is named; co-founder of the Pravda newspaper.

1919   The British Government decided in favour of building a tunnel linking England to France.

1934    Yuri Gagarin born – Soviet cosmonaut and first man in space (1961)

1959    Mattel introduces a doll that would become an American icon – Barbie is born.

1967   Singer Sandy Shaw released her record 'Puppet on a String' which won the Eurovision Song Contest for Britain.

Written By: Feona L Horton

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