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Graham & Rosen Set to Host European Law Conference

Union Jack and EU flag.

Graham & Rosen Solicitors of Parliament Street, Hull are to host a prestigious conference of European law firms next year. The event, which will be held in Hull next June, will see lawyers from 12 European countries heading to the city for a three day meeting as part of The European Network (TEN), an international network of commercially minded law firms. Graham & Rosen is a founder member of The European Network.

Senior Partner Martin Wilson said, “Being a member of TEN enables us to deal with any legal matters in any European country on a swift and efficient basis. All the law firms in the Network work to common standards and all businesses conducted in English. Through these law firms, clients can have access to expert legal advice and representation in 12 European countries”. Martin commented “Hosting The TEN conference in Hull will raise the international profile of Hull and the Humber region and we will be aiming to showcase the international legal services which TEN provides. The main strength of the Network is that the lawyers know each other personally which means we can recommend clients to foreign lawyers we know and trust.” 


Written By: Iain Boyle

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