Conveyancing Price Information


How much will my sale or purchase cost?

We charge on a fixed fee basis with no hidden charges.

Costs range from £500 plus VAT to £4,000 plus VAT depending on the property price, location and whether the property is freehold or leasehold; our average fees are shown below.

Average sale cost is £801.00

Average purchase cost is £1,212.00

Average remortgage cost is £711.00

(example: freehold sale at £170,000 with a mortgage of a registered title)

(example: freehold purchase at £220,000 with a mortgage of a registered title)

(example: freehold residential home remortgage at £185,000 with a registered title)

Legal Fees

£600 + VAT*

Legal Fees

£700 + VAT*

Legal Fees

£500 + VAT*

Bank Transfer & AML fees 

£75 inc VAT*

Bank Transfer & AML fees

£75 inc VAT*

Bank Transfer & AML fees

£75 inc VAT*

Land Registry fees


Land Registry costs


Land Registry Costs





£ 95





Mortgage Handling Fee  

£60 inc VAT*



* current VAT is 20%

How long should my sale or purchase take?

This is determined by many factors but usually a sale or purchase can be completed in around 8-12 weeks.

Are There Any Additional Charges?

There may be, as not everything is usual or straightforward. The most common extra charges (including VAT) are for:

  • Leasehold property sale or purchase £360
  • Title Indemnity Insurance £60 and the cost of the Policy
  • Additional Bank transfers £45
  • Declaration of trust £240
  • Stamp Duty involving second properties (3% Stamp Duty surcharge) £60
  • New Build Property Purchases £360
  • Help to Buy ISA £60
  • Unregistered Property £240

If additional work is required and this will incur further costs we will discuss with you why it is necessary and what options may be open to you before agreeing a fee for that work or carrying out the additional work.

Who will do my work?

Your work will be carried out by one of our team; usually the person who provides you with your personalised quote.  

They will be your main point of contact and are there for you throughout the transaction.  They are supervised by Adam Waller who is a Director of this firm and Head of Department.

Our legal advisors range from qualified solicitors and Chartered Legal Executives to conveyancers with years of on the job experience instead of academic qualifications. To find out more about our team members, click here.

As well as Hull, we have offices in both Cottingham and now Welton where we are bringing city centre services to your local community; with easier parking and Welton being just off the A63 what could be easier?