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Will Writing Reform

In a recent article published by the Law Society, the Law Commission, an independent body created to keep the law of England and Wales under review and recommend reform where needed, have instigated a public consultation document in a bid to keep our will-making laws fit for purpose.

One of the key issues raised is the possibility of creating your will online.  Graham & Rosen have long provided an online will creation tool which can be accessed via our website. This might not be appropriate for you however, and it’s always best to speak with one of our Lawyers first.

The Commission is asking the public for feedback on a range of issues surrounding how wills are made and how will-makers are protected under law.  You can be active in reviewing English and Welsh law and have your say here at the Law Commission.

Download Ultimate Guide to Wills and Probate Guide

Download Ultimate Guide to Wills and Probate Guide

Written By: Feona L Horton

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