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The Perils of Delayed Divorce

The recent Supreme Court decision of Wyatt v Vince highlights again the fact that there is no statute of limitations for financial claims in divorce cases. The court ruled that Ms Wyatt can pursue a claim against her former husband for a financial remedy some 18 years after the parties were divorced.

Iain Boyle head of family law at Graham Rosen Solicitors, Hull commented, "This ruling confirms that without a court order creating a clean break between the parties they remain vulnerable to financial claims being made far into the future. It emphasises the need to tie up all financial matters at the time of divorce by way of a "clean break order". We advise all clients to seek an order of this type notwithstanding that there may be little if any financial issues to resolve at the time."

The court will now go on to consider what if any settlement Mrs Wyatt should receive.

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Written By: Iain Boyle

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