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Buying your home? Get the support you deserve.

Buying your house, next to getting married and having children, is probably the most expensive, stressful and emotional thing you will do in your life.

Ready to make a commitment?

You are making a huge commitment to the building, to the person you are buying it with and especially to the mortgage lender. Just like that wedding day, you know what you want but you’re not sure whether it will run smoothly or whether you’ll be left at the altar.

Help is at hand … or is it?

But help is at hand in the form of your conveyancer, a capable property professional who will support you and help you through the twists, turns and pitfalls of the property buying process. Or is it?

Who to trust

This life changing commitment is being entrusted to someone you have never met, from an office you have never seen, about whom you know next to nothing, with no idea of whether they are actually any good at their job. Would you use a mechanic to service your car without checking they were good at their job?

The sad truth is that many people do just that. They hand this massive financial and personal commitment over to someone they don’t know, without even reading reviews, asking their friends for recommendations or even checking if the person is qualified to do it.

Promises, promises …

Your local estate agent may offer to “sort out the legal work for you.” This really means they want to sell your details to a solicitor who may not even be local, with sums of upto £250 changing hands for your details. It may not be the solicitors paying the agents though. You are being sold, and worse you may even be paying for the privilege with higher legal fees.

You may be lucky. The agent may have done a deal with a reputable local firm who do a great job, but equally your house purchase could be handled by a high-school leaver in an anonymous call centre with hardly a solicitor in sight. Is that a risk you really want to take?

My advice?

Tell your agent “thanks, but no thanks”; let them sell your house, not you.

Choose your own solicitors; speak to your family and friends, ask if they can recommend anyone; go online and check out several local firms and ask them for quotes. Find out whether they give you your own qualified conveyancer to handle your purchase and ask if they have any “hidden extras.”

Sold to the highest bidder!

Yes, it’s more work than letting the agents sell you to the highest bidder but it’s worth it to get a qualified professional that you can trust and who will be there for you through the maze that can be the buying process.

Choosing your own good conveyancer will save you money and time in the long run, as well as supporting and guiding you through this alien process.

It’s your family home you’re buying … don’t you deserve the best?

For advice on buying and selling property speak to Adam Waller at Graham & Rosen Solicitors on 01482 323123 or email [email protected]

Written By: Adam Waller

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