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Members of Hull and Cottingham based Solicitors Graham and Rosen proudly represented their firm and country at the recent annual conference of the The

European Network of Lawyers (TEN) in Copenhagen

From left to right: Carmen Szabo (Romania), Lisa Nurse (UK), Axel Eskeby (Sweden), Luiza Budusan and Ioana Trana (Romania)

Founded back in 1989, TEN exists to provide support and advice to businesses and people across Europe, from business purchases to holiday accidents. Once a year the whole organisation comes together at a conference to help promote links between members and understanding of each foreign legal system.

Graham and Rosen Solicitors are the UK Member of the European Network where there are currently 14 members across major European Members states. TEN offer legal services to clients of our Members across Europe. Richard Palmer a founding member, Adam Waller and Lisa Nurse from the Hull office attended the meeting in Copenhagen.

Lisa Nurse from Graham and Rosen said: ‘We were pleased to attend again this year and further cement our relationships with our TEN European Colleagues.   Between the various European members we offer legal advice and assistance to each other’s clients on European matters. It is extremely satisfying to know that we can pass our clients to a European Lawyer that we know personally safe in the knowledge that our colleagues will provide excellent quality advice in English on a specific area of law whether it be a property purchase, a business venture or a Will.

Due to an increasing demand for European wide legal services TEN is actively looking to grow the organisation further and are now seeking members in non-European States.

You can access the TEN website at this address

If you need any legal advice concerning any matters overseas then please contact Lisa Nurse on 01482 314266 or [email protected]

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