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Chasing a Debt? How to Recover What You’re Owed

Get what you're owed

After the recent festivities, it is fair to say that most of us are trying to tighten our belts in more ways than one! New Year is a good time to focus on starting afresh and getting things in order; this can be especially so with our finances.

Many businesses or individuals find themselves owed debts and it can be worse at this time of year. However, this should not put you off trying to do something about it.

Help is at Hand

Our Debt Department can take over the worry for you. By sending a letter to the debtor this can in itself be enough to trigger payment. If this does not have the desired effect, then court action would need to be considered.

What if the debtor has disappeared?

Quite often people are put off chasing a debt because the debtor may have left their address and they are not sure where they are now.

Our Debt Department works in conjunction with the High Court Enforcement Team and they can offer a detailed trace for a small fee.

Once a positive trace has been found, we can then continue down the normal channels of collecting the debt on your behalf.

Can a payment plan be arranged?

Yes, this can be done before issuing court proceedings. We can discuss the matter with both the creditor and debtor and try and reach an agreement for the debtor to pay a set monthly amount or maybe two or three instalments, depending on the size of the debt. If the debtor subsequently defaults, then again we can look at taking further steps for recovery.

What to do now?

If you are owed money and want to discuss the matter further, please contact Cathy Giblin at Graham & Rosen Solicitors either in Hull on 01482 323123, in Cottingham on 01482 840201 or email [email protected].

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