Benign asbestos related pleural effusion/pleurisy

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Benign asbestos related pleural effusion/pleurisy

Where there is a history of asbestos exposure, pleural effusions/pleurisy may be attributed to such.

Pleural effusions can occur where there is inflammation of the pleura with an accumulation of fluid.  They can cause breathlessness and pain and are usually treated by draining the fluid (pleural aspiration) and providing pain relief.  They may also resolve without treatment.

Pleural effusions can be recurrent and can leave scarring (pleural thickening).

Compensation can be claimed for benign pleural effusion/pleurisy.  It is very important to bring a claim promptly even if the condition resolves so as to prevent any arguments about a claim for that condition (or a future claim for another asbestos condition) being out of time.

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