Asbestos Uses

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Some of the main ways in which Asbestos was used

This is not an exhaustive list but we have stated some of the main uses of asbestos.


Asbestolux boards / Asbestos insulation boards

Acoustic panels, bath panels, boxing in, ceiling tiles, cladding behind heat sources such as boilers, fireplaces and heaters, arc shields, ducting, fire breaks, fire doors, soffits and underdrawings.


Asbestos cement products

Boiler flues, cladding behind heat sources - eg boilers, fire places and heaters, corrugated sheeting (such as "big six") used on walls and roofing and often seen on farm and industrial buildings as well as garages and sheds.

Flat sheets - often used for cladding on walls, ceilings, around vessels, boilers and other plant.

Steam pipes, water pipes, drain pipes and guttering.

Roof tiles.


Asbestos flooring materials

Some PCV and thermoplastic floor tiles were manufactured to contain asbestos and some PVC flooring had asbestos paper backing.


Asbestos jointing materials and seals

Includes gaskets, "CAF joints", rubberised seals, asbestos rope, some mastics, putties and glues used to seal joints between pipes, on boilers or flues, on pumps or other plant.

Seals on ovens and furnaces.

Also used to seal up holes to act as a fire-retardant.


Asbestos lagging on pipes and boilers

Used extensively on ships and in factories, power stations, refineries, hospitals, schools and public buildings.

Includes wet mixed cement, pre-formed sections and asbestos cloth/"blankets" wrapped around pipes.


Asbestos paper and millboard

Used to insulate electrical equipment; asbestos paper backings could also be found on PVC floor coverings.


Asbestos sprayed insulation ("limpet")

Used as a fire-retardant on structural steelwork such as girders and supporting columns,  Also sometimes sprayed on bulkheads on ships.

The spraying of asbestos was banned in the UK in 1985.


Asbestos textiles and friction materials

Asbestos rope/string; brake and clutch linings; woven materials including curtain linings, fire blankets and fire-retardant clothing.


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