Asbestos Related Compensation

Supporting you and your family


Compensation is claimed for the pain and suffering caused by the disease and for any loss of ability to perform normal daily activities.

In addition, we will seek compensation for other items of loss and expense which have been reasonably incurred as a result of the disease.

For example:

  • Any loss of income (for example, if you have had to give up work)
  • Travelling expenses in connection with medical appointments/hospital visits
  • The cost of aids and equipment (for example, a motorised buggy)
  • The cost of alterations/adaptations to your home (for example, a stairlift)
  • The cost of replacement clothing in the case of weight loss
  • The value of care paid for or provided free by family/friends
  • The value of household/DIY/gardening services

Mesothelioma claims - funding of private treatment not available on the NHS

In some cases, it may be possible to claim for the cost of private medical treatment in the UK, which is recommended by an oncologist and which is not available on the NHS.  For example, immunotherapy treatment.

Medical science is constantly evolving and new treatments are emerging.  Funding for such may be obtained in cases where a patient is medically suitable for such treatment and there is a strong claim against a solvent party.

Fatal claims

Compensation includes the following:

  • The pain, suffering and loss of amenity of the Deceased person
  • Any care costs
  • Loss and expenses incurred in life-time due to the disease
  • Funeral costs

Where the Deceased has left a spouse and/or dependants, the claim may also include the following:

  • Bereavement award (specified parties - usually the spouse)
  • Claim for loss of natural love and affection (spouse)
  • Claim for loss of financial dependency (specified parties - usually the spouse)
  • Claim for loss of services dependency (specified parties - usually the spouse)

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