Asbestos - Myth Busting

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"I won't be able to claim compensation because my employer is now defunct."

We hear this frequently.  However, because of our extensive local knowledge, this is not usually a problem.  In many cases, we have already claimed against the employer and traced an insurance company to pay.

On the rare occasion when we cannot trace someone to pay, we can usually help with a claim for benefits and, in the case of mesothelioma, still obtain a substantial payment for you.


"Only the blue asbestos is dangerous."

This is incorrect.  White asbestos (chrysotile), brown asbestos (amosite) and blue asbestos (crocidolite) are all dangerous and are all capable of causing lung disease.

It was often the case that many asbestos products contained mixed types of asbestos.


"Asbestolux was safe and did not contain asbestos."

False,  It did!


I did not work with it myself and so I do not think I can make a claim."

Many of the claims we have dealt with have been for people who have not actually worked with asbestos directly but have been in the area when others have been using it, removing it or disturbing it.  Other claims have included family members exposed to contaminated work clothes.


"You have to be exposed to a lot of asbestos for it to cause any harm."

There is no minimum level at which asbestos is known to be safe.


"I can't remember much about it - it was years ago."

It is often difficult to try and recall information about matters which happened decades earlier.  However, we often find that people manage to remember more than they first think and so don't let this put you off.


"I've smoked so I won't be able to make a claim."

This is not the case.  Many of the people we have helped have been smokers.


"I can't afford the legal costs."

With asbestos claims, we can often offer a "no win, no fee" agreement.


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